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"Traditional style, classic joinery, the richness of North American Hardwoods, and hand-rubbed finishes ensure each piece is of heirloom quality, beautiful to see and touch and a pleasure to live with."
Fine Custom Furniture and Accessories
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 All of my furniture is custom made, one at a time, specifically for you. I work with you to design and build exactly what you want. Please browse through the categories to see some of the pieces that I have built. I can do anything that you want so don't feel boxed in and let's work together to create your heirloom piece.
Handmade Vermont Furniture - Knox Mountain Woodworking
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Handmade Vermont Furniture - Platters, Chargers, Cutting Boards, Lazy Susans
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Heirloom Custom Furniture Made by Hand in the Heart of Vermont

The finest custom home furniture is marked by shared distinctions. Timeless elegance, flawless function, and enduring craftsmanship are the things that it expresses, and in those furnishings that we cherish most we find true reflections of ourselves. This is the custom furniture created at Knox Mountain Woodworking. Made by deliberate and skillful hands using carefully selected hardwoods and traditional techniques, each piece of custom furniture is an individual work of artistry that will stand the test of time for generations.

Owner and builder Sue McLam handcrafts every piece in her Vermont workshop from select hardwoods like maple, cherry, walnut, and oak. The result is heirloom furniture like no other you'll ever own. Handmade in Vermont. Built to last. Designed for life.
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